About Nurse Christi

I became a registered nurse approximately 17 years ago and shortly after, co-created Signature Healthcare, LLC located in Des Moines, Iowa  Today Signature Healthcare is a well recognized nurse staffing agency.  We have a team of 200+ RN's, LPN's, CMT's, and CNA's on contract and working per-diem nursing shifts throughout Iowa, Missouri and Kansas.  In 2009 Signature Healthcare became a state certified CNA Educational Program.  We graduate more then 600 CNA students each year!  In 2018 I co-created and launched a second nurse staffing agency, Signature Health, LLC located in St. Louis, Missouri.  We are building new relationships and growing daily in the community.     

I also manage and oversee EmpowerHer, an online support team to victims of violent crime, domestic violence, sex trafficking, mental and emotional abuse, and sexual abuse.  We are advocates, survivors and pioneers. We welcome women to join our group for support, open discussion and reliable information.

A few tidbits.....

  1. I was born on Christmas Day; hence the spelling of my name. Christ with an 'i' at the end.
  2. I have 4 boys! 2 of which are 4 legged.  Their names are Teddy & Bear.  Teddy is a Cavalier and Bear is a Cockapoo
  3. I attended the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, obtaining my Master's in Forensic Medicine. Using science and human behavioral patterns to solve crimes is absolutely fascinating to me!
  4. I'm addicted to Pinterest! My username is: nursechristijane